Sarah’s Spirit aims to capture some of the life, love and energy of Sarah Gostick who died in January 2014 and channel it into a lasting gift that will help disadvantaged children.


Sarah was the mother of 4 young children and was devoted to them. She wanted them to know that in spite of what has happened, they are lucky in having a loving home, surrounded by friends and family.


When Sarah encountered the Watoto Childrens Choir in 2012 it lit a flame in her heart. 

Sarah was determined to lead a group to Uganda to help build more facilities for the orphanages that Watoto run for children in Africa who are the victims of disease, war and violence.


Sarah’s Spirit is an opportunity for her many friends, and those who care, to help build hope for children who have nothing and give them a better future.


In our first project, we are aiming to raise at least £25,000 - enough money to build a classroom or dormitory in Watoto and have it finished in Summer of 2015 as a lasting gift. Raising more enables us to do more.