Sarah's Sporting Challenge

Sarah had a dream of travelling to Uganda to build a school for disadvantaged and orphaned children, and this sporting challenge would like your help to raise over £2,000 for the Sarah’s Spirit Foundation by covering some of the 6,500km from Great Gransden to Kampala,


You can cover the distance in any way you wish – walk, run, swim, bike, row, kayak, unicycle, pogo-stick etc. – either individually or as part of a family or team. It is your choice how you do it, how far you go and how much you donate.


We only ask that you:


a) Pledge a number of kilometres that you will cover in the challenge

b) Try and donate at least 30p/km to help us raise our £2,000 target

c) Do the challenge before 30th April 2015



Challenge Weekend


We are planning a Challenge Weekend some time in late August or early September where a number of people will be attempting to cover a good chunk of the 6,500km target by doing some long distance cycling, swimming and other events to culminate in a 10km and 3km fun run in Great Gransden.  Final details of the fun run are to be finalised but if you want to join in please plan to be in Great Gransden by 4pm on Sunday 31st August.  If you can pledge some km before then - and do them on the way - then please do.  Otherwise we look forward to seeing you in Gransden for the final fun run where we're trying to get as many people to join in as possible.


So, you can plan your event to take place on the Challenge Weekend or even pledge a contribution via some other events that you're already planning to do. Or you can just do something as a family one day, and then make any contribution you're happy with.


If you are interested in joining this sporting challenge then please register your contact details below (even better if you can let us know of a challenge you already have in mind):